Learning Outcome 4B Written Communication

This artifact is an excellent example of my academic growth in conveying written messages effectively. This assignment was submitted in Society and Mass Media with Erin Richards in the Spring 2011 semester.

Each week, we were required to write a thoughtful response to each textbook chapter assigned and post them to the course discussion portal on MyCourses. Our responses were graded not only on the thoughtfulness of our responses, but also on our writing skills. The professor had a list of “death words” that she did not want us to use in our writing because it makes writing wordier than it needs to be. She also strived to make us aware of the importance of writing in the active voice, not passive voice.

In the beginning,  thought I was doing well with these responses and kept being surprised when my score would be 12/15. Near the end of the semester when this artifact was written, I finally realized that I wasn’t putting enough thought and attention to detail in to my writing. Once I made a conscious effort to check over sentences to make sure I was being as concise and articulate as I could be, my writing improved dramatically. I was elated to see a score of 14/15 on this paper with her only critique being that I need to remember to refer to people by their first names. As a journalism major, I had gron accustomed to referring to people by last names, so I needed to be more conscientious about separating journalism from academic writing. But other than that, she loved the points I brought up when comparing Father Coughlin and Rush Limbaugh. That assignment was when I knew I had grown as a writer.

chapter 14 rush limbaugh response


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