Learning Outcome 3

The purpose of this learning outcome was to demonstrate skill in systematic inquiry.

This artifact is my senior thesis which is an excellent example of my academic achievement in conducting systematic inquiry skillfully. Even before drafting the paper, I had to brainstorm topics I would be interested in researching and then do preliminary research to see whether any literature is published on that topic. Since the purpose of this paper was to conduct original research, I had to make sure I wouldn’t be duplicating something that has already been done.

     Then once the topic was approved by the professor, I had to do more intensive research to write a literature review on research that didn’t duplicate my topic but was relatable to it. This was somewhat frustrating and challenging as it required thinking outside the box a bit. When I told my professor I was having a hard time finding scholarly sources on my topic, I learned that topics that I didn’t think had any connection to my topic could actually be useful. For example, even though I was studying conflict between college students and their parents, articles about adolescents could provide background as well.

     After writing the literature review, it was time to collect my own data. I found a survey instrument, the Child-Parent Communication Apprehension scale, adapted it by adding a few of my own questions and find 100 participants for this survey.

     Finally, I analyzed my data using statistical software and then had to refer back to my literature review to put my finding in to context. In other words, I had to explain what my findings meant based on past research and suggest possibilities for future research. At the beginning of the semester, I never imagined that I would be capable of conducting my own research and write a paper with the same structure and depth as the published articles I read. Thus, the successful completion of this project shows tremendous academic growth for this learning outcome.

com499 final with tables


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