Public Relations Writing

Although my primary focus in college was journalism, I recognize that newspapers are declining in popularity, in favor of new approaches like citizen bloggers. But Public Relations is a growing field as everyone from celebrities, to businesses to nonprofit charities seeks to manage their image with diverse publics. Because there is a lot of overlap between the type of writing required by journalism and public relations, I am considering applying my talents in journalism to public relations work after college.

In the pages that follow, you will find strong examples of writing related to a public relations class I took in spring 2012. First, I have included my resume which details other accomplishments and honors related to my journalism writing. Then, you will find two hypothetical press releases, one from the point of view of a company announcing that I had just been hired to their staff, and another regarding Earth Week events at Carroll University. Next, you will find speaking points and a project plan for a hypothetical situation from a fictional company assigned in class. For this class, students were also assigned to groups, or PR firms to pitch an event for an organization, so I have included our firm’s event pitch, a recruitment fair for Carroll University.

For the remainder of the portfolio, I demonstrate how my knowledge of public relations writing could be applied to Occupaws Guide Dog Association, a real charity I know a lot about because it trained my guide dog Gilbert. Occupaws does have a Twitter handle and facebook page in real life, but these platforms are updated sporadically and don’t follow a content schedule. So I have created a hypothetical content calendar and examples of each kind of content that could be used. The project plan and speaking points are hypothetical, but they address real crises that Occupaws has dealt with. The final piece is a hypothetical press release about a real fundraising event, Puppies on Parmenter.

These pieces, taken together, are an excellent representation of my knowledge of effective writing related to public relations in classroom situations and in real life. I hope public relations firms will view these writing samples and consider hiring me on to their team.

Public Relations Writing Portfolio


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